Darin Shapiro

How to do a boardslide in 5 steps at Ride the spot with Darin Shapiro

A “boardslide” is riding your wakeboard at 90 degrees or sliding sideways. Wether you are on a wakeboard, skateboard, wakeskate, or snowboard, its still called a boardslide.

1. Its best to learn a boardslide at slow speed so, first, slow the boat down to 12-15 mph.

2. Lean against the rope with most of your weight on your back foot.

3. Push your back foot towards the boat while continuing to lean away from the boat.

4. Move the handle from your front leading hip towards your back hip stopping when you reach boardslide.

5. Keep your head up and keep your toes up.

Darin Shapiro

Darin Shapiro’s wakeboard fantasy

It’s a good idea if your running fins to remove them before trying this exercise.

Happy shredding!