darin shapiro wakeboarding

5 Reasons to take a Wakeboarding trip by World Champion Darin Shapiro

darin shapiro wakeboarding

Darin Shapiro Morning pull
pic:Tanya Pavlis

Here we are in the middle of November and if you don’t live in Florida, it’s getting cold. Some of my fondest memories of wake boarding have been traveling and riding my board at new places with new people. Here are some of the best reasons to book a ticket, grab your board and enjoy the stoke of wake boarding away from home.

1. Time to extend your riding season and head somewhere tropical. This is a no brainer as warm weather is never a bad idea if you live up North.

2. Find a great coach or wakeboard location to hit up and learn something new while people up North scrape ice off of their windshield.

3. Meet some new people who love to ride as much as you do. The cable parks are a great place to socialize and enjoy the stoke of wake boarding.

4. Get dialed in on some new gear. Most local shops will let you demo some new gear while your on your trip. Most wakeboard camps or training locations will have some current equipment that you can demo.

5. Sharpen your skills. There is nothing that makes riding more fun than learning some fresh skills, not to mention your riding buddies at home will wish they took a trip to wake boarding land too.