Darin Shapiro's last trick of the day.

5 helpful tips on how to drive a wakeboard boat better from wakebaord legend Darin Shapiro

Here are some tips on pulling wake boarders, wake surfers, wake skaters and pretty much anyone riding behind a boat.

1. Safety first. When a rider is getting off of the boat or onto the boat, leave it off. Also, when a rider hops into the water or gets out of the water it’s a good idea to make sure the boat is down wind so the boat can’t drift over them.

2. A beginner wakeboarder should never go over 21 mph for adults and around 12-15 for smaller kids. Pull really little kids even slower! Too slow is always safer than too fast.

3. Do your best to drive in a straight line. You can use your mirror to see the line that you have traveled by looking at the prop wash ( the long trail of bubbles trailing behind the boat) for the last couple of hundred feet. Make sure its straight. Picking a spot on shore or aiming for something in particular can help you keep your line straight.

4. If jet skis or other boats are following to closely, stop! It’s better to stop and let annoying and possibly dangerous boaters leave your area before getting on with your shred session. If you can kindly ask them to stay away from your boat that may help too.

5. When following the shoreline be aware of the water depth. I like to follow the shore line as it will at least keep any boat traffic on one side of you and it is usually calmer along the shore that the wind is blowing away from.


Darin Shapiro’s wakeboard spot. Ridethespot.com

Please be careful out there and happy shredding!